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Healthcare Professionals

Accountants For Doctors and Nurses

How it works

If you are an Associate working with and end client,agency or practice, MBSC4 Contractors will liaise with you to ensure that you have all the information regarding ,how to start up your business, assisting you with a  record keeping, tax planning service and more.

In addition we have the facility to assist with  the incorporation and administration of your  own limited company should that option is preferable.If you already have a limited company that you wish to continue to use, we can assist you with all the accounting and administration services required. Through our tax planning service you will be able to take home significant more money than working though PAYE options.

Who we can help

  • IT contractor
  • Health professionals(accountant for Dentists, accountant for doctors, accountant for hospital consultants, accountant for nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, optometrists etc.)
  • Legal Professionals(Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers)

We work with our clients to provide assistance with their accounts,bookkeeping and tax affairs to ensure your business is running smoothly and cost efficient.

Our Services

  • FREE Initial consultation to discuss your tax affairs.
  • Tax advice for the business structure to suit your circumstances (IR35 Review, Self-employment or Ltd).
  • Proactive tax advice to minimise your taxes.
  • Advice on VAT return scheme suitable for your business.
  • VAT returns preparation and submission.
  • PAYE returns preparation and submission.
  • Corporation tax returns and accounts preparation and submissions
  • Company House Annual returns preparation and submission.
  • Ongoing consultations
  • Fixed fees, agreed in advanced with flexible payment plan.


  • Tax planning for maximum return
  • Dedicated accountants working with you
  • A year- end tax return services is provided
  • Facility to incorporate and administer a limited company as required


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